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Is It Paranormal?

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compiled by Angela L MSSPI

It`s very important not to jump to conclusions & eliminate all logical explanations whenever you see something that strikes you as out of the ordinary in your photos. Here`s an example: right

When first looking at this photo you may think "Oh my god, there`s a face in this couch!!". But is it really there or is this an illusion? I must admit that this image is quite eerie, but I would be inclined to say that maybe this is an illusion. After all, it is a proven fact that the human brain is programmed to pick out faces from inanimate objects, but that doesn`t necessarily mean that all faces we see are illusions.

Orbs are showing up in photos all the time. Many believe that orbs are spirits that do not possess enough energy to form as a full apparition & orbs are often present with spiritual activity. But, probably 90% or more of orb photos are nothing more than a malfunction or a reflection . In the photo at left , you see orbs everywhere, but it`s not spiritual activity. These are dust particles in the air that the camera flash is reflecting on.

Digital cameras under 5 mega pixels are notorious for capturing orbs. It`s usually the flash reflecting off of dust particles or insects. Fuji Film manufacturer has conducted extensive research into the matter & their findings reveal that most orbs from digital photos are caused by low lighting conditions in which the camera is unable to properly adjust. Photos Source:

The following photos are some experiments MSSPI members have done with our cameras in order to recreate images that many people present as paranormal evidence.

This photo is an example of a fingertip in front of the camera lens.The blue mist in the photo is fog. Photo by Angela L.2008 MSSPI

The blue color on the upper right corner of this photo is an intentional fingerprint on our camera lens. The orbs are moisture, if you notice there is dew on the grass. It was a very damp night. Photo by Angela L MSSPI 2009


In this photo it appears that the man in the red shirt is partially invisible. This was the effect of both he and I  walking at the same time the photo was taken. It is best to use a tripod when taking photos to reduce movement, blurs and effects that appear to be invisibility. But if using a tripod is not possible for you at least stand still. Photo by Angela L MSSPI 2007

This photo gives the appearance of snake lights. but is in reality the effect of walking past an area and snapping a picture without stopping, which I have seen many people do, especially on walking tours. Photo by Angela L MSSPI 2007............ if you don't have a tripod, at least stop and stand still LOL.

This may look like a flock of ghost angels but, in reality it is the effect of a single moving car's headlights coming toward me and reflecting off my flash. Photo by Angela L MSSPI 2007

This is the result of a very slight tip forward with the camera when pushing the shutter button. The least movement in your hands can have a big impact on the clarity of your photos. Another reason to use a tripod. Photo by Angela L 2007

I saw a paranormal investigator from another local group, post a pic of this same area on their myspace page, they were very excited that they had captured a golden spirit. I recognized this area, as it is a cemetery very near my home that I frequently visit, so I went there to try and duplicate the effect. Luckily for me, the orange flowers were still there. This in my opinion is a reflection off the colored orange flowers reflecting in the moisture of the dew that was falling heavy this night and was also evident on the grass in the poster's photo as well. The colored orb effect was almost identical except mine was bigger LOL. photo by Angela L 2009

This is an example of cigarette smoke. Please folks do not smoke when taking photographs, it can cause you unwarranted excitement. Photo by David B. MSSPI

While I would love to think this was a sign from heaven above, it was in fact, sunshine popping out from behind cloud cover, while very pretty it is not a miracle. Photo by Angela L MSSPI 2008

Many will claim that if an orb puts off a glowing light that it is a spirit trying to manifest itself, while we do not discount the theory that there may be some orbs that are paranormal in nature, we believe them to be very rare, we wanted to show how easy it is to reproduce a glowing orb, this photo was taken in the rain, the white orbs are raindrops, I can attest to this as I got soaked while taking the photo. Angela L MSSPI November 2009
Bugs, taken from the ASSAP News website. on an article about orbs.

This is particles of baby powder which had been placed on the floor by the client, in order to see if there were any foot prints coming out of the bedroom.

This may appear to be mist, but it is in fact a reflection of the camera flash off the high gloss paint on the door frame, which you can vagely see on the left edge of the photo. Photo by Angela L MSSPI 2010

This strange image is not a vortex as some would claim but is in fact, my camera strap which I forgot to remove prior to the investigation. Photo by Angela L MSSPI 2010 

The shiny white anomaly on the left side of the photo is in fact a reflection off the rubber made lid from my camera flash, the face pattern on the right is patches on the dry wall. Photo by Angela L MSSPI 2010

This brite winged orb is in fact a dragon fly which followed me around while I photographed this cemetery.
Photo by Angela L MSSPI 2010

This odd photo is not a green ghost child or a spirit orb, it is in actuality the light on the utility pole in my front yard which happened to have several bats circling it at the time I took the photo. Angela L MSSPI 2010

We hope these examples will be of some value to you in helping you with your own photos. While this is just a drop in the bucket to explaining odd photos, we have tried to pick some of the more common examples that are frequently passed off as paranormal photos.

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