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Electronic Voice Phenomena

The following article was initially published in the Spring 2001 issue of the The Spiritual Scientist, A magazine of the Spiritual Science Foundation (more commonly known as the Scole Group). The Scole Group has established a substantial presence in the world as a confederation of small development groups who follow the Scole method for mediumship and group development.


E. V. P.
Electronic Voice Phenomena
An Article by E. V. P. Researcher Tina Laurent
©Tina Laurent - All Rights Reserved

We are very privileged to be able to publish this article on EVP by guest writer and contributor Tina Laurent. As well as being a regular subscriber to the Spiritual Scientist, Tina is one of the UK's foremost researchers into the Electronic Voice Phenomenon (known as EVP for short) - which she has now studied and practiced for 20 years with increasingly positive results - and on which specialist subject she regularly lectures. This very comprehensive and interesting article will be published in two parts, with part 1 beginning below. Part 2 - in the next issue of the Spiritual Scientist - will also provide a practical simplistic guide for would-be EVP researchers.

The earliest known scientific attempt at receiving communication with the so-called dead via recording equipment - apart from Edison's solitary work in the 1920's - was on April 23rd. 1933, in the studios which later became known as Decca Records.

Members from the American Society for Psychical Research (ASPR) and engineers from Western Electric Company worked with the studio engineers. These engineers had devised test conditions that they thought would eliminate any chance of fraud. However, a deceased engineer and an eminent research engineer in the science of sound spoke many times into many unusually placed microphones and they also moved their voice levels up to 3 - 5,000 cycles, way beyond the range of any human being. Records were kept at the ASPR offices, but the crucial test stayed in the hands of the studio engineers who refused to testify publicly that spirit voices had been recorded. I remember just a few years ago when I played some EVP utterances that were on the non-magnetic side of my reel-to-reel tape to an "open-minded" electronics engineer. Unable to account for them, presumably, and because he "knew" that they couldn't be there, he walked out on me!

We should not expect to be believed, when we talk of paranormal subjects, unless we know that the listener's mind has already reached a certain stage. If he is new to the subject or has not yet had his negative presumptions sufficiently weakened by the bombardment of evidence from various sources, then he simply is unable to believe us. I remember hearing about the judge who said that the evidence for the genuineness of the phenomena was overwhelming, but that they were impossible, and he must, therefore, decide against the evidence. As Prof. Arthur Ellison knew well, there are critics who can never accept survival reports of an evidential nature because they "know" that physical phenomena are impossible. Bearing all this in mind, I shall assume that the reader of this has already practiced EVP and knows enough about the background of it, or is sufficiently a believer and wishes to go further.

EVP is the only unexplained phenomena that affects matter objectively and this effect, captured on tape, can be re-played and measured in scientific laboratories. It was introduced to the English-speaking world in 1971 with the publication of Konstantin Raudive's book BREAKTHROUGH. Well do I remember the first time I listened to discarnate voices emanating from magnetic recording tape. It was 1981 in the Maryland house of Sarah Estep, the writer of a down-to-earth book, VOICES OF ETERNITY and the founder of the American Association of EVP. For three hours I sat enthralled, knowing full well that this was a day that was to change the course of my life.

When I returned home, armed with a borrowed recorder, I started trying to communicate with any passing spirits who might hear me or as Benson Herbert in his Paraphysical Laboratory would later remonstrate with me, any body or any thing from any other plane of existence!

I immediately heard "sounds," unintelligible whispers that I was fairly certain should not have been there, and in a matter of two weeks, I heard my first intelligible word TINA. Since then, apart from some long months when I was unable to record, I have contacted my EVP friends on a daily basis, wherever in the world I happened to be, using the simple equipment with which I started out.

Looking back over the last 20 years, what has been my progress? At one point I discovered, to my joy, that if I hung my recorder around my neck and walked around my flat as I was recording, the EVP utterances became magnified and much more abundant. I began hearing from entities who would give me their names, details of their lives, such as addresses and names of relatives, living and dead to such an extent that I have been able to look people up in the local phone-book, people formerly unknown personally to me and - after a tactful probe - have been able to tell them that I have messages for them from the "beyond." I have often heard from "Kosta" Raudive who always calls me CHRISTINA, and, in fact, just a couple of months ago I captured an EVP utterance on my BT call-back system which BT kindly duplicated for me. A woman's voice says: KOSTI HERE TINA CALL YOU followed by a male tone saying TINA IT'S NOT EASY.

A couple of deceased "famous" people have given me messages, which may be evidential to their families. A favorite uncle and my two husbands have spoken to me - in their OWN voices! Helen Duncan manifested on a tape that I made when mentioning a Scottish friend, not knowing that he, at this time, was involved in the process of trying to get her a "broad pardon."

Someone shouted one day that he was FROM WILMINGTON. When an article mentioned this fact, a very good friend from Derbyshire called me up to say that her deceased husband, about whom I knew nothing, had been born there!

Now and then I make small sojourns to special places. These can be spiritual spots, scenes of great turbulence or emotion, or haunted buildings where I try to recover a small part of their past history on my recording tape.

One such journey was recently when I hiked to the peak of Carreg Goch in the Carmarthen Fans in mid-Wales. I was looking for the wreck of a Wellington bomber that crashed in November 1944 taking with it its six young airmen. On my return home, and on play-back of the short tape recorded there, I heard the loud, deep male voice shouting JOSEPH along with other voices that spoke in what sounded like RAF jargon. A French name was mentioned, the word FOG was heard (was this the Welsh mist that did for them on that November night so long ago?) and another voice said ROMMEL IS IN TROUBLE. A quick glance into an encyclopedia gave us the fact that Rommel also died in 1944 - a coincidence? An emotive voice told us WE DIED ON DUTY. On the stone memorial erected on that lonely and desolate site, in their honor, we noted that two of the names recorded are Joseph and three of the others are obviously French. On this occasion, as on others, I made a short prayer for the souls of the deceased and asked that they should see God's light surrounding them

So much "proof," not only for myself, but for others, too, whom I may or may not know, of survival of the human personality.

The most important question that anyone can ask is: Will I survive death? Am I a tireless citizen of the Universe, or just a transient accident of nature? EVP can provide the answer. A technology not long out of its infancy, the EVP holds the potential of having a greater effect on our civilization and the awareness level of humanity than any other discovery in human history. And anyone can check out this phenomenon for themselves with just a tape recorder and a pair of headphones.

The EVP voices are generally classified as:

a) Loud & clear - interpreted the same by all listeners.

b) Reasonably clear - interpreted differently by some listeners.

c) Requiring headphones to distinguish the voices and open to individual interpretation.

There are some EVP researchers who use much more sophisticated equipment than just a simple tape recorder. Special microphones and receivers have achieved remarkable results. There's something called a digital signal processor audio filter which does with an audio signal what a multi-million dollar NASA computer does -- it's a noise filter that makes stunning improvements with Class A and B voices. The Japanese have a home computer that has an omni-sensitive receiving device that can pick up faint electrical pulses and patterns that other machines cannot detect.

Otto Koenig, in Germany, has long experimented with ultrasonic frequencies, the purpose of which is to get the voices down to within the human hearing level.

However, for those of you who are just beginning to research EVP the initial outlay is a portable cassette tape recorder, a small microphone and headphones.

It is not necessary to be a psychic superstar or gifted medium to communicate with unseen worlds, but a certain amount of time, patience and persistence is necessary.

Part 2

EVP entities are not without humour. One morning after I had commented on my desire to "receive messages of an evidential nature" the response was YES MADAME PRESIDENT, and on one occasion when I had spent an inordinately long time going over a planned route up a local hill the question came WHERE ARE WE GOING, TO KATMANDU!

Some of the interesting anomalies that are to be found in EVP are:

Simultaneously run tapes giving different results.
Voices can occasionally be heard AT the time of their being manifested onto the tape.
Voices are captured on tapes being run in an empty room.
They sometimes give you glimpses of the future.
They can sometimes sound like a deceased person or even a living person!

EVP entities communicate probably by one of three methods:
I) A spirit speaks directly into the microphone and voices of this kind may be whispery.
2) Psychokinetically, that is, electronic impulses are sent out by a mind and registered as speech on tape. Mostly mechanical.
3) Transmitted from a central transmitting agency (communications centre) like a telephone exchange, where the experimenter functions as a receiving station, an antenna, using the equipment and their unique individual electrical energy. Mostly human.

EVP entities may be voices of the dead and also possibly from some other intelligences, spiritual beings or living inhabitants of space. Also, they may come from different levels of planes of existence, multiverses, worlds existing side by side with ours only vibrating at faster, or slower vibrations.

The concept of multiverses is already espoused by many physicists doing solid experiments in particle accelerators. This would explain why, when using my variable speed control tape recorder, some "bangs" or "scratches" turn into intelligible speech and fast, high-pitched utterances become understandable words spoken at normal speed when I slow the tape down as far as my recorder will allow.

The charge may be leveled at you at some time that you are dealing with lower spirits in lower planes. You immediately know that the accuser has not investigated EVP for himself. The entities that say they want to HELP US and things like YOUR SOUL IS NOT DEFEATED, that they LOVE US, that give us their beautiful singing, single and choral--then if these are lower spirits, then let me be one of them!

I also reject the unconscious PK theory, which assumes the existence of some Jeckyl and Hyde personality without taking into account the enormous stress seen in people demonstrating PK. It would mean that I could impersonate a huge range of voices, male and female, speak in unknown languages etc. Our unconscious may be a link between researchers and the voice entities but I do not believe that EVP originates from the unconscious mind. Back in 1936 Attila von Szalay, along with others, tried unsuccessfully to record the voices they heard clairaudiently. It is possible that we are dealing with, unknown to us as yet, a new kind of energy that links us for a short time with other dimensions.

As the French priest Father Francois Brune said some years ago:

"The dead speak to us. That is not new. For centuries Spiritualists have maintained they had contact with the dead. However, scientific disciplines were rarely imposed. But now the dead no longer need a human intermediary. They use tape recorders, or even TV sets. And what is more objective than a machine?"

A Practical Guide to Recording Paranormal Voices on Tape

Tape Recorder

Paranormal voices have been recorded on all types of tape recorders. I, personally, have outstanding success with a Sony portable, hand-held, stereo cassette recorder with an in-built microphone. It is important that the recorder should have a REVIEW key as well as a digital tape counter. The REVIEW key enables you to quickly rewind the tape to a suspected EVP utterance so that you can keep repeating the same passage if it is not a Class A sound. The digital counter, of course, enables you to "log" any EVP utterances so that you can save them for future reference and hearing.


I never bother any more with a separate microphone, useful for bypassing the in-built microphone of the recorder or for dropping into wells and crevices, etc. when needed, but if you want to use one then the omni-directional electret condenser microphone is the most sensitive. The recorder that I use with the built-in microphone, of course, picks up the vibrational noise of the recorder motor, but this does not bother me as I believe that it may help to enhance the voices.


Headphones should always be used on playback. I always listen with my eyes closed to allow for extreme concentration and I always use the small in-the-ear type headphones.


Always buy a good type such as TDK, SONY, MAXELL etc. a high sensitivity tape, not longer than 60 minutes as sometimes the longer tapes can tend to ravel.


In the beginning it is better for you to have some kind of background noise so that the unseen communicators can more easily manifest themselves onto the tape by making use of the energy of the background sound. I usually have Radio Wales on--Welsh language--as there is no confusion when I am winkling out the English-speaking EVP utterances answering my questions etc. Just how loud or soft to have the radio is something that you will learn with time--not TOO loud and not TOO soft. You may want to try "mush," a jumble of foreign language stations usually at night-time, but it must ALWAYS be a fresh, incoming radio signal, not pre-recorded sound.


Although EVP entities will speak on tape at any time of day or night it is advisable, especially at the beginning, to have a regular time and place to do your recording. A short session of about five minutes on a daily basis is much better than one long recording once a week. Those in other dimensions soon learn when and where to expect you and you will soon find them waiting for you as you start your taping. It's a good thing to begin with a short prayer and an invitation to all who can hear you to come, in the spirit of love and friendship, onto your tape recorder. Speak with pauses of a few seconds in between your words and after each question so that the entities have their say. You will not know, of course, until play-back what responses you have captured on your tape so when you are ending the session you might want to thank them for listening and speaking, if they were able to do so, and let them know that you will be returning again at the same time the next day.


Listening for EVP is an art that must be learned. Extreme concentration is needed as many entities speak in soft, whispery tones, often ON TOP of your own voice and also the background sound source. Not only can the voice entities make themselves heard by modulating sounds, they can also wipe out some content of normal radio transmission or the experimenter's voice and substitute their own messages. They do this with speech, music and Morse code.

Apart from the voices, which can sound young, old, male, female, mechanical, human, you may also hear musical segments, singing, knocks, whistles, raps, scratches, sighs, whispers and foreign languages. Also, many sounds, when played at lower or high speeds, turn out to be intelligible words or phrases. Some voices are also to be found on the wrong or REVERSE side of tapes. That is, in between the "nonsense" of reversed human voices there are to be found forward-speaking voices!

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