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The PEAR Proposition

World's first lamp that changes color with the power of your mind
November 22, 1:02 PMNY Holistic Science & Spirit Examiner Tima Vlasto

Thanks to over 27 year’s research at the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) Laboratory and the company Psyleron, we can now own a lamp that reads our minds.

PEAR was an experimental program that examined the anomalies that arise when humans interact with machines. Years of research produced evidence of an unexplained connection between consciousness and the physical world.

Robert G. Jahn, then Dean of the School of Engineering, used Random Event Generators (REGs) and observed conscious intention and meaningful emotion significantly altered the events generated by the REG; beyond statistical levels of chance expectation. See “The PEAR Proposition.”

The PEAR Proposition


The Mind Lamp is a new ambient LED lamp, created by Psyleron, in collaboration with these researchers from the PEAR lab. Within the Mind Lamp is a precision device known as a random event generator (REG) that uses a quantum phenomenon called electron tunneling, which is measured as a randomly fluctuating current across a potential barrier in an electric circuit.

The lamp has a small microprocessor that checks patterns in this Random Event Generator (REG) which causes the lamp to change the color of the high-powered LEDs. The lamp will randomly move through colors of white, red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple and magenta unless influenced by the conscious or subconscious intention of consciousness.

The researchers state that the science behind this might be a bit difficult for the lay person but the effects are noticeable to anyone. Interesting enough, not only does the consciousness of one person influence the REG in the lamp but when people are bonded in some meaningful way; the influence is even stronger.

Some reviews on the website state:

“I've noticed that during specific activities (especially mental activities) the lamp remains blue/aqua for upwards of an hour. While socializing with friends, the lamp tends to stay in the warm hues of red, orange and yellow.”

"Now, after having my lamp for almost 8 months, it has become a more serious (!!) element in my personal study of "weird connections", so that it now serves as a very physical Tao Te Ching, helping me to open up my mind when I have a question or problem that sequential, rational thinking won't answer or solve. One way it does this mind-opening is to stimulate a mood change amid all my mental meanderings, the change in mood opening new doorways, new options, and possible new solutions. I have this lamp be only limited by the limits of the mind."


Spiritual and Cultural implications?

From the PEAR website:

“Beyond its revolutionary technological applications and scientific impact, the evidence of an active role of consciousness in the establishment of physical reality holds profound implications for our view of ourselves, our relationships to others, and to the cosmos in which we exist.”

“…Our ability to acquire, or to generate tangible, measureable information independent of distance or time challenges the foundation of any reductionistic brain-based model of consciousness that may be invoked.”

“…there is little doubt that integration of these changes in our understanding of ourselves can lead to a substantially superior human ethic, wherein the long-estranged siblings of science and spirit, of analysis and aesthetics, of intellect and intuition, and of many other subjective and objective aspects of human experience can be productively reunited.”

A mind over matter lamp that responds to our conscious and unconscious intention. Are we steps away from an Alladin's lamp that might grant our wishes? Or will we find out, we were the genie all along?

More research, info and reviews at the Mind Lamp website.

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Mind Matter Interaction Lamps (Psyleron)

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